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“The Survival Horde Crafting Game”

I’ve recently found myself addicted to 7 Days to Die; a post-apocalyptic crafting game where learning to stay alive is a must.  While I enjoyed many zombie defense games in the past, most of them lack challenging diversity.  With 7DtD, there is a rather realistic sense survival with hunger and hydration meters, along side your health and stamina.  So if zombies don’t kill you on the first night, you’re likely to starve come tomorrow.  Despite the many ways to collect food and farm, you will need to find specific items before being able to cook or smelt.  This requires you to travel and explore vacated buildings for tools and books.  Without them zombie hordes will likely break into whatever room you thought was safe.


Starting Out

The most basic tool you can make from any environment, is a stone axe.  Once acquired, it speeds up several other processes helping you get better items later.
Next I would recommend building a crossbow.  As most zombies will die with a single bolt to the head.
Now EXPLORE!  After you have a good collection of wood and stones, you will need to find a short iron pipe and a book to make a forge.