Sim City Review

On the eve of what was scheduled in my mind as the highlight games of my spring such as Gears of War: Judgement and the surprise standout, Tomb Raider; I stumbled, aided by some very well placed ads by EA. I found SimCity a joy to play and have already spent many hours managing cities plagued with crime; which I helped create by forgoing educating my populace.

The depth of simulation in SimCity is the seductive blend of creativity and challenge.  After spending a brief but critical time in the tutorial, which was very well designed, but a bit restrictive don’t expect that first tutorial city to be with you long.  The game will lead you by the hand through it’s very intuitive zoning system as well as the basics of placing civil buildings.

After the tutorial, the game presents you with the options of creating your own city with a modest 50k to begin a city with a region of your choosing, or playing in creative mode with a cool million simoleons. However, this mode still has the obligation of the city’s needs and remaining in the black to continue playing.  I crave a challenge so the smaller sum appealed to me, but when my wife and others played they tended to play creative where money isn’t as much of an issue,at least at the beginning. Playing SimCity quickly reveals a beautiful city-scape bustling with activity. The presentation makes you feel for the citizens of your city.  Spending some time on turtle speed just flying through the city I found enjoyable as well as gives you insight into providing for your some times fragile populace.

SimCity as an experience I would certainly recommend and  it doesn’t require a extensive background as a gamer either, which is always a plus if you’re searching for a game you can enjoy with your spouse and they’re not a “hardcore” gamer.


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